Swiftheart loves you is a bit like a love letter to life, Lolita and all things cute.  And to you.

Here you will find writings about Lolita fashion in a way that can apply to all fashion styles; or at least that's a goal of mine.  You will also find lists of things that make me happy and photos of my outfits.  I try to maintain a balance between personal posts and useful content and I hope that translates OK.

I originally wrote a mission statement and I should really go back and look at it every now and again.  I especially like the bit about it being the "Captains Log from the spaceship Swiftheart".

My name is Michelle and I'm 26 years old. I like to think I'm an artist. Truthfully, I don't make a lot of money from it but I enjoy it a lot. Another thing I enjoy is fashion - mainly Lolita - and make-up and girly things. I am a roleplayer and I like the usual list of nerdy things; xbox, Pokemon, Final Fantasy and Fantasy movies and TV. I live just outside Oxford.

I'm the girliest of the tom-boys and a Ravenclaw.

I live with my boyfriend Will and we argue more than we probably should but love each other a lot.

I've been dressing in Lolita since the Winter of 2009 when I bought my first dress - Angelic Prettys Milky-Chan the Faun in white - and swore I'd get buried in it because I'd never take it off. Thankfully I did.

I'm available on Tumblr and Twitter for a chat if you'd like.
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